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UC Davis: Instructor (2015 - 2018)

LDA 170 - Urban Design and Planning Studio Lecturer (2015-2018)

Application of place-making and problem-solving skills to local landscape sites. Analysis of social and environmental conditions in the field. Lectures link design projects to contemporary theories and practices. Includes workshops in computer-aided drafting.

LDA 70 - Introduction to Spacemaking Lecturer (2018)

Introduction to basic principles of design towards the creation of space. Introduction to design methodologies and skills necessary to define, manipulate, and represent the built environment. Workshops in 2D computer graphic techniques and 3D physical modeling making will reinforce design principles.

LDA 21 - Environmental Design Visualization Lecturer (2017)

Idea expression through graphic media and drawing techniques for visual representation of the built environment, including conventional drafting and expressive techniques. Introduction to computerized graphics techniques.

Vertically Integrated Project Program Lecturer (2016)

The Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) program integrates undergraduate education and faculty research in a team-based environment.  It provides an immersive, collaborative, and flexible learning environment in which undergraduate students earn academic credits by participating in a research project for up to three years (typically from sophomore through senior years).  The students have the opportunity to learn and practice professional skills, experience different roles, and make substantial contributions to research projects.

Freshman Seminar - Visual Note Taking Lecturer (2016)

First-Year Seminars are designed to promote intellectual exchange, critical thinking, and community.

Teaching Assistant, 2012-2017: FST 298 - Design Thinking for Food, LDA 142 - Sustainable Environmental Design Research, Environmental Design Visualization, LDA 70 - Introduction to Spacemaking, ESP 171 - California Planning, LDA 3 - Sustainable Development: Theory and Practice

UC Berkeley (2014-2018)

[IN]LAND - Studio Lecturer (2014-2018)

The [IN]LAND program introduces participants to the practice of landscape architecture as an active inquiry. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of landscape architectural practice through the process of making and experimentation as research into site potentials.  Initial ideas will be developed and transformed through rigorous investigation in a collaborative studio environment.  Students will develop a landscape vocabulary that engages with the concepts of ecology, public space, sustainability and multiple scales of design.

LA 1 - Drawing a Green Future Lecturer (2016-2018)

This introductory studio course is open to all undergraduate students in the University, who want to investigate the process of drawing as a method to learn how to perceive, observe and represent the environment. This studio will encourage visual thinking as a formative tool for problem solving that provides a means to envision a sustainable future. The focus will be on the critical coordination between hand and mind.

Sakura Gakuen Japanese Language School (2014)

Elementary Japanese (2014)